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Applied Philosophy & Logic

The development of critical thinking skills is emphasized.

The Logic Series

In the students’ first year of High School, they are introduced to logic basics for application, which teach students to evaluate facts and to use reliable information to make effective decisions and implement correct solutions.

At the next level, students learn to properly trace down the basic cause of problems and implement realistic solutions based on thorough logical analysis.

With the advanced section of the Logic Series, students begin to refine their investigatory abilities, learning how to discover the correct reason for a decline or failure.


Mid-way through the High School, students take a course on education—a focus on evaluating methods and practices of education. Study in this area enables students to design an educational program for themselves, or for others, based on an understanding of workable educational principles.

Through doing this course, students gain more self-determination toward their own educations. They learn the importance of understanding the purpose and use of subjects and of evaluating the data studied.


One of the most important senior level sections in the Delphi Program is on leadership. In this area, students learn the difference between good and bad leadership, how to be an effective leader and the relation of ethics to leadership.

Involvement in activities such as Student Council and Community Service gives students practical experience in leadership and its accompanying responsibilities.

Life Skills, Ethics & Integrity

Focus is on ethics and the value of living a moral life, while developing a very high sense of integrity.

The first introduction the High School students have to the subject of Ethics is a section of the program that deals with applying integrity and ethics to one’s life, also covering common sense points for living productively and successfully. The second section on Ethics addresses precise tools one can use for decision-making, overcoming weak areas and planning toward greater ethical growth and success in various aspects of the person’s life. The final section is an apprenticeship in this area where the students have an opportunity to work under a school advisor using tools learned in this subject to help fellow students.

With a course covering Planning and Organization, students gain an understanding of how groups function and how to achieve one’s goals using planning and organization for one’s own life.

Family Education and Health

In their junior year, students will address marriage, sex, family and children, and how to create and maintain successful relationships. In their senior year, students will take a brief course on health where they will discover how to research, plan and execute their own health program for the purpose of achieving optimum health.