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Although most students enroll at the start of the fall term in August, the highly individualized nature of the Delphi program allows qualified students to enroll at other times during the school year, space permitting. Priority is given to those eligible students first completing the full application procedure. Tuition and materials fees are prorated according to the date of enrollment. 

Spaces are often available for mid-term and January enrollment and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis for qualified applicants.

Choosing ‘the right’ school for your child–one that fosters growth, instills a strong moral code, makes the pursuit of knowledge enjoyable, combines learning with demonstrated application, and helps create dreamers, doers and leaders–is a parent’s ultimate goal. That school is rare indeed and should be sought out. My wife and I truly believe we have found that gem at Delphi Academy.”


Welcome to Delphi

Welcome to our website! As Admissions Director, it is my pleasure to work with families who wish to find out more about our unique and innovative approach to education.

As a mother of three Delphi students, I have had the opportunity to experience the unparalleled results of the Delphi Program over the last 8 years. I can say with certainty there is nothing that compares and I can’t wait to introduce it to you

Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact me for more information. I would be very happy to schedule a tour.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Juli Richeson
Admissions Director
[email protected]

Admissions Procedure

To find out more about Delphi, contact our Admissions Director at 818-583-1070. We are dedicated to helping families understand our unique learning environment and would love to help you determine if Delphi is the right fit for your family. We do this first through a phone conversation to get to know you and your educational goals and then through a tour of our campus.

After your tour, our Admissions Director will provide you with the necessary forms (linked below). Please submit these forms one week prior to your child’s scheduled Visiting Day.

1.) Application

2.) Visiting Day Form

3.) Teacher Recommendation Form

4.) Administrative Recommendation Form

5.) Most recent report card

During their visit, your child will complete their Preliminary Assessment testing. This includes a standardized admissions test to be administered to all applicants 10 years and older. After the initial visit, we will determine if one or more visits will be necessary.

Once all visiting days are complete and all forms and report cards are received, we will contact you via email to notify you of our enrollment decision. Upon acceptance, a deposit is required to secure your child’s spot. You will be sent an Enrollment Pack to complete and submit in order to schedule your start date.

Admissions Procedure

A tour during regular school hours is the first step in getting to know the school.  Initial interviews are conducted with the student and parents and an in-person meeting is then scheduled.
This meeting allows the parents, student and the school to determine if they are well matched.
An Admissions Application is then completed and submitted along with any recent report cards, teacher recommendations and an application fee. (Download application forms here.)

Once the application, report cards, testing and interviews have been completed and reviewed, the student and parents are notified as to whether the student has been accepted.

Admissions Downloads

My husband and I consider raising our three boys to be our biggest achievement. As parents, we made sure that Delphi played a major role in their lives, giving them not only an outstanding academic curriculum, but also a thorough grounding in the fundamental life skills of ethics, integrity, logic and leadership. Using the Study Technology that is the foundation of the Delphi Program, the boys became the masters of their own education.”

Tuition and Fees (2024-2025 School Term)

Grades K-12 Tuition: Delphi Academy offers a Sliding Scale Tuition for the K-12 program which provides a flexible pricing model based on family income and expenses. The following shows the tuition ranges for the Fall Term (August 6, 2024 through June 13, 2025):

K-12 Fees: $150 Non-Refundable Application Fee, $300 New Student Registration Fee, both paid before enrollment begins. The Annual Materials Fee of $2,200 can be paid at the start of enrollment, or divided into 11 equal installments and paid with tuition:

A $350 non-refundable tuition deposit is required to hold a spot in the school and will be applied to the first tuition installment payment.

Summer Program, K-12.  We have a 5-week program June 17-July 19, 2024.  The cost is $375 per week, plus $75 application fee. 

Preschool (18 months – 5 years) Tuition: Preschool students are enrolled for the full year, summer through fall. The 12-month term is from June 17, 2024 through June 13, 2025. The tuition for the full year is $14,400 and can be paid in 12 equal installments of $1,200. Students starting after June 17, 2024 will have tuition pro-rated based on the daily rate.

Preschool Fees:

Please call our Admissions Director to request information at 818-583-1070.

Apply for financial aid (for grades K-12 only) through FAST (Click logo below):

“We feel very strongly that the Delphi program provides the best possible education for our children. We felt this way when they started at Delphi in 2001 and we feel it even stronger today. The environment is safe, ethical and one which never invalidates its students. The staff are highly trained and have a strong desire to see our children succeed in life. No matter what comes up, they have the resources to handle it and quickly get the child back on course.”

Our daughter started at Delphi preschool right when she turned two. We had been concerned because she was not a very outgoing child and tended to keep to herself, not make friends and was usually a bit reserved. Well what a change she has gone through! She has not only unleashed her inner silliness, she is more communicative than ever and now has many friends and is learning basic language, reading and math skills! I am so happy! – R.D.