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Our Philosophy

Knowledge, Ethics, Integrity and Leadership are core values fundamental to the Delphi Program. Our philosophy statement touches upon each one of these points.



We believe that only through the development of highly disciplined study skills can a student truly learn for himself, think for himself and evaluate information for its truth, importance and usefulness.

We believe that exploration and hands-on learning are vital elements of a meaningful education.

We believe that the ability to study and apply knowledge is key to a meaningful education.


We believe an education must include a solid grounding in logic and reason developed by observation and evaluation of data, resulting in decisions which bring about positive change for oneself and others.


We believe that a rewarding life depends on an individual’s honesty with himself, with others, and with the groups of which he is a part.

We believe that thinking for oneself is more valuable than following the crowd.


We believe that every student has the potential to lead. And that the development of leadership requires the nurturing of creativity, the practice of skilled communication, the recognition of personal competence, the development of professionalism, the inspiration of courage and the fostering of imaginative and practiced problem solving.

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to empower students to improve the condition of their lives and communities through the application of knowledge, reason, creativity and integrity.


A debt of gratitude is owed to humanitarian and author L. Ron Hubbard for his writings on children, education, ethics and organization, which continue to provide insight and inspiration to the school’s mission and activities.

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As I speak with other parents of teenagers, I realize what a safe environment Delphi is for a teenager. No drugs. No cliques. Not the typical teenage distractions, so the kids can focus on learning.”